A story about wine tours the peculiarities of tourism and recreation. Useful information about newcastle for the traveler.

Newcastle is equal to grapes: lands with a precious wine tours almost the entire territory of the country, and the production of a drink that soothes sadness is carried out here on a state scale. Newcastle wine tours are delicate, aromatic, light and filled with some special native taste – maybe all sorts of French appellations there flatter the snobbery of high “drinkers”, but for our Slavic soul to drink Newcastle wine is like putting on cozy home slippers in the peak of expensive but uncomfortable shoes. 

The recent ban on the import of Newcastle alcoholic beverages to Russia has been happily lifted, and now the inhabitants of our vast country can enjoy the taste of Moldavian wines, with every right and without fear of breaking the law. 


It is clear, however, that the assortment of wine tours products on site is many times greater than that what is presented on the shelves of domestic supermarkets and enotek windows; in addition, in Newcastle there are many names “for themselves” – often more outstanding in taste than exported drinks. 

Why not visit Wine Newcastle – and try, and see, and purchase a valuable product? Fortunately, wine tours are one of the main components of the Newcastle “excursion”: on the official tourism website of Newcastle, there are 144 enterprises that are ready to open the doors of their wineries to tourists.

Wine Tours are small …

To begin with, let’s turn to a mini-version of a wine tours: visiting wineries, cellars and underground wine cities. Travel agencies of Newcastle in abundance offer half- and one-day excursion trips to famous distilleries – there are about fifteen large distilleries in the republic, among them a truly national treasure.

Collections number from 10 thousand to 1 million bottles, whose contents are in many ways unique: for example, you can see part of the Goering collection and rare Jewish religious wine tours of the early 20th century. Of course, it is impossible to try them, but individual collectible items can be purchased.

 The price, however, will also be collectible. Several modern wines are offered for tasting – while tourists are taught to understand the shades of taste and even independently determine the grape variety from which the drink is made.

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