At a time when ecological gestures in the field of housing are multiplying (SOLAR POWER efficient insulation, etc.), the Australian are thinking more and more of installing solar panels on the roof of their house. But concretely, why is this a good idea?

Reduce your solar power bill

Naturally, the first ambition of the French today is to reduce their energy bill.

On average, last year, households heated with electricity spent

Some, by building a new house or carrying out insulation work , have been able to reduce this bill but it is still very important in the household budget.

The photovoltaic solar power panel is therefore naturally needed to lower the cost of energy. Granted, this requires an initial investment, but then you will generate your own electricity. In addition, the solar panel does not require maintenance. Once installed, it will be the partner of your savings.

An accelerated return on investment

If the price of your solar power panel is fixed, this is not the case for electricity.

Indeed, as mentioned previously, once you have purchased your photovoltaic panel, you no longer have to consider expenses.

But, during this time, the cost of electricity continues to rise. The gain achieved is therefore greater each year, which accelerates the return on investment.

Resell electricity

If the solar panel saves money, it also saves money.

solar power

If your house is in a sunny area, has a perfect orientation, and you have been able to place several solar panels on your roof, you may be producing more electricity than you consume.

In this case, your solar power supplier can buy it back from you. EDF is forced to buy back your electricity at the price set by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

This rate is listed on your contract, which is guaranteed for 20 years. Another major advantage: the gains generated by this resale of electricity are not taxable.

Add value to your home

Another reason to invest in photovoltaic panels: you add value to your property.

In the context of a resale, the future buyer will be seduced by the solar power savings that he wilbe able to achieve thanks to this installation that he did not have to manage himself.

At a time when renewable energies are very popular, a house with solar panels can only increase in value.

What about tax advantages?

Unfortunately, since January 1, 2014, there is no longer a tax credit for photovoltaic installations.x

However, there is local aid. Indeed, some municipalities wish to support individuals towards cleaner solar power and offer subsidies.

To do this, check with the various communities, from your town hall to your region via the department, to find out if they have implemented this financial incentive to equip your house with photovoltaic panels.

On the other hand, for a home, it is possible to benefit from a VAT at 5.5% as part of a solar installation.

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