We know for good how difficult it is to choose a reputable moving company. We also know that these are lean times and it is logical to fall into the temptation of taking charge of our own move.

For this we have two options: rent a van and put family and friends in a commitment, or hire a “low cost” company.

We tend to believe that a moving company is costly, but if we expect about it carefully, what price will we placed on our time? What happens if my brother-in-law loads the fridge? What procedures do I have to do? Do I need any Excuse me? There are many reasons why hiring a removal company could be a great success. Here we give you some of them.

You save time

A competent and specialized moving company will offer you a fast and quality service. For what would take you two weeks to do yourself, a moving company will do it in a few days. You know, “time is money.”

It is safer

A moving company will always carry out (or should carry out) a detailed checklist or inventory of all your belongings, this way there is nothing to be lost along the way. In addition, a good moving company always offers you the possibility of working with a personalized insurance that takes care of any accident that may happen during the move. Nowadays all moving companies are required to have at least general insurance according to the LCTTM (Freight Transport Contract Law)

Adequate material and tools

A moving company has both the appropriate tools for the assembly and disassembly of furniture and the packaging material, which is key to avoid damage and incidents. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to try to climb your entire house five floors without an elevator. Choose a moving company that has a lifting platform, not all of them have this tool. Your back which of your friends will many thanks.

Trained staff with experience in removals

Hiring a significant removal company gives us the peace of mind and confidence that you simply will have a team of trained operators with extensive experience within the service, so that our belongings will be in the best possible place.

moving company

Management of permits and advice

In some cities, public road occupancy rates are being implemented for parking trucks, if you are not aware of these regulations, it can cause real inconvenience to move and even some fines. The moving company is obliged to know the regulations and laws in force at all times.

Customs paperwork in case of internments

If it’s the case of a world move, it’s even more interesting to rent the services of a mover. This will be in charge of all the management of customs fees or any management that your move requires.

Cleaning service, waste management and household donation

It is very useful to find the cleaning service that some moving companies offer their clients in the home of origin, so that it is to arrive and place furniture and objects. In addition, it’s also of great help that a similar company manages the waste, or electrical appliances that we don’t want to require to the new destination and even donate them to entities that may give them a second use.

Furniture repository

Some moving companies have a furniture storage service, a good resource in case your destination address does not have enough space for all the furniture or the delivery of the keys to the new house is not immediate and you wish to park your belongings somewhere either long periods of your time or for a couple of weeks. They also usually have 24-hour surveillance and / or anti-theft insurance.


It is more than likely that something unforeseen may arise during a transfer. Another of the many advantages of hiring a moving company, is the peace of mind that they will take care to resolve it.

If you had doubts about whether you should hire a moving company for your transfer, we hope to have solved them for you and if you still need more information, at Best Removalists Newcastle we will be happy to assist you. We have all these services of the highest quality. Contact us and raise a budget without obligation.

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