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Roof restorations are integral in house maintenance

Roof restorations are important for every homeowner because nothing is eternal under the Moon. This simple truth can not only be understood but also seen with your own eyes, examining the roof of a house after a dozen or two years of exploitation. No matter how high-quality the materials from which the roof was built, sooner or later they will have to be replaced or repaired.

In addition, many summer residents today are eager to convert a cold attic into a cozy attic. This means that the overhaul and roof restorations are an inevitable process. Therefore, in this article we will deal with the causes of the formation of defects, how they can be corrected, we will designate the errors that occur in roofing structures.

Causes of roof defects

There are three reasons – incorrect design, installation, and operation. Let’s start with the design, although it should be noted that not all country houses, and even more small summer cottages, were built according to some kind of projects. Hence a large number of errors. What are they:

An incorrect calculation or its complete absence will eventually lead to the deformation of the rafter system. And this is the reason for the violation of the integrity of the roofing.

Many architects incorporate complex details into the roof design when they come up with creative solutions. And often chimneys or ventilation pipes fall into these nodes. For example, a pipe sticking out of the valley, which becomes an obstacle to the flow of large amounts of water. The latter will simply look for the place of the spout, so it begins to seep under the roofing material.

Heat engineering calculation, or rather errors in it, also become problems for roofs. If the insulation material was chosen incorrectly, its thickness, then it is guaranteed that the attic will first of all be cold, and secondly, that the insulation itself will soon fail. And the next stage is the deformation of the roofing material.

Roof restorations – fixing problems

Where to start the reconstruction of the roof of a private house – with an examination. That is, it is necessary to fully investigate the roof structure, and then draw up a list of works. But there are nuances here, and they are based on replacing the roofing material. For example, if it is decided to replace bitumen shingles with ceramic, then it is clear that you will have to make a complete reconstruction of the roof. Because heavy ceramics will simply crush a lightweight rafter system that was once laid under a light soft roof.

Or one more example. If, on the contrary, it is decided to replace the slate or corrugated board with a soft tile, then a continuous high quality crate will have to be laid under the latter. And this is not only a recalculation, this is an additional cash investment.

Repair schemes
There are two technological schemes according to which roof overhauls are carried out:

  • Complete dismantling followed by assembly of a new design.
  • A phased option, when the slopes are repaired one by one.

The first option has a drawback – it is better to carry it out in the summer when there is no rain. Often, craftsmen pull an awning over the house, covering the building from precipitation. But working under a canopy is inconvenient. Therefore, most often roofers resort to the second scheme.

Roof repair

It should be noted that overhaul and reconstruction are different things. In the first case, a partial replacement of units and parts is performed, in the second, a complete replacement of the structure, roofing and thermal insulation cake.

Let’s dwell on the repair. Its volume will depend on the identified flaws in the roofing structure. Usually, they change insulation, steam and waterproofing, roofing material, lathing and rafter legs (partially). The difficulty lies in the fact that in the process of dismantling defective materials, invisible flaws in those parts are found that were not revealed during the examination. And often a major overhaul turns into a reconstruction of the roof of a country house.

So, we have tried to tell you about the repair and reconstruction of roofs. When starting this or that process, it is necessary to clearly realize that all construction operations carried out will be associated with large financial investments. Therefore, it is impossible to make mistakes or inaccuracies during the work, which will subsequently lead to leaks. That is, the work carried out is reduced to almost zero. Therefore, look for amazing roof restorations for overhaul or roof reconstruction.

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