Hot water is something we use every day. It is essential to our current lifestyles. However, the water is not directly hot when it arrives in your accommodation. It is therefore necessary to have a domestic Hot water systems production system for showers, dishes or cooking for example. What systems exist? Which one to choose ? We take stock in this article.

Hot water Systems
Hot water Systems

The Water Heater :

The most common system for producing domestic Hot water systems is the water heater. But there are different models that draw their energy differently and consume more or less.

The Hot Water Systems Heater :

To have hot water in your home, you can opt for an electric water heater. As the name suggests, it uses electricity to run. It can be instantaneous, that is to say that the water is heated when you draw it or else in accumulation, in which case the water is stored in a tank and regularly heated. This last system allows to have a large reserve of hot water but is more energy intensive.

The Gas Water Heater :

The operation of a gas water heater is identical to that of an electric water heater. The difference lies in the power supply which is made by gas energy instead of electricity. It is often coupled with a gas boiler.

The Thermodynamic Water Heater :

A thermodynamic water heater has a very specific operation. This solution makes it possible to obtain Hot water systems thanks to the heat present in the housing. The thermodynamic water heater recovers heat from the home thanks to the VMC system and uses it to heat the water. It is therefore a very energy efficient and rather ecological system.

Hot water Systems
Hot water Systems

The Water Heater From Renewable Energies :

It is also possible to connect your water heater to a renewable energy source. Often, it is the photovoltaic panel that is chosen. This enables energy to be produced and even stored and used to heat water. The operation will be the same as a conventional water heater but the energy bill and the ecological footprint will be drastically reduced.

The Heat Pump :

The heat pump is a system that allows you to heat a home but it also makes it possible to produce domestic Hot water systems. In these cases, we will speak of an air-water or 6-water heat pump depending on where the heat pump draws the energy. In the same way as a thermodynamic water heater, since the heat pump reuses air or water to create heat, it is an efficient system in terms of energy and ecology. It often allows a control of the production of hot water or heating close to the needs and therefore avoids any waste.

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